Saturday, June 3, 2017

Deafness vs Deafhood


The hearing people never hear of word "Deafhood" mean. The hearing people said Deafhood is not a word in the dictionary. I told them go to wikipedia or go deafhood website. Why I should be consider to be a Deafhood? It mean do not want to fixed or cure by hearing aids or cochlear implants. The hearing aids and cochlear implants are not cure for deafness. It just a tool to hear a sound. The Deafhood made it up by Deaf Culture because refused accept "Deafness or hearing impaired". I agree with hearing people said Deafhood and Deaf Culture are such like Luddite. I don't mean to insult. It's a fact!

Am I happy being DEAF without cochlear implant???

Am I happy being a deafblind?

Am I happy being Deaf-muted?

None of them The Deafhood and Deaf culture are NON-CI user or non Hearing aids user. They are misinformation about CI's success rate. I went to youtube and look around for deaf babies with cochlear implants and saw Deaf people's comments made threat and attack on parents over cochlear implants deaf babies and children. It made me pissed off and clicked dislike on their comments. It's very criticize and hateful of CI. They are so IDIOT, VERY NARROW-MINDED and BLIND!!! That is so sad of them for being sad soundless and doubt about technology for hearing loss. I disagree about Cochlear implant is EVIL! The CI do not eliminated the deaf's right!

I found many word of Vs between.

Deafhood Vs Deafness

Deafhood Foundation Vs Starkey Hearing Foundation

Deafhood Vs Audism

Pro-ASL Vs Pro-CI

Oralism vs Maunalism

Deafness Vs Blindness

Hearing Loss Foundation Vs Deaf Culture Foundation

Cochlear implant Foundation Vs Deafhood Foundation

Deaf School Vs Mainstreaming

Deafhood want to race with other Audism, CI, deafness for victory.


ASL Vs Spoken Language as an Oral

I don't like to be war in both side. Why is Deaf culture want to be a political?? I don't think Cochlear implant should be political like anti-CI or Anti-SEE or Anti-ASL or Anti-Deafism or Anti-Audism. How about the Anti-Deafblindess or Blindhood vs Blindness? What is the wrong with Deaf people in Deafhood?

Why I should consider to be Blindhood or Deafblindhood?? Am I happy to be deafblind without sight and hear? No. I want to be value my sight and need to be fix. It's my choice to be fix and wait for technology in the process. Go ahead I wanted to get CI to Hear Now then retina surgery later. That is my point about Deafhood between Deafness. I personal don't care about history and non technology in the past. We are in 21 century in the present time. The deaf culture can't change hearing people's choice for deaf children to have cochlear implants. The parents have right to choice for deaf children. How about Blind culture's not allow blind children to have a glasses or surgery to see from the dark? Let blinds children to stay be BLIND. That is not make any sense to me. It's my point!

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